6 Dec 2017


After entering your Password and Username, you will be expected to enter your BUSINESS NAME to proceed to the courses you are to learn.

But the question here is about the Name you used as your Business Name. The Name you used as your Business Name, is it truly yours?  Off course no, it is not yours until you register it, then will it be yours.

Regarding to YouWin! Connect, you are expected to use your already registered Business Name or the Name you will register later. But the another question here is, if you use a Business Name you have not registered, how are you sure that someone have not registered it or when you will now want to register it that another person won't take it before then?

This is a very important thing you need to consider before using any name as your Business Name. If you have registered your business name before using it, then you have no problem, but if you have used a name that is not registered yet, nothing has damaged, what you will do now is to proceed immediately with the registration of the Name now you still have the chance to do it. So that someone will not take it before you.

To learn more on the registration of Business Name Click Here.

Regarding to the registration of the BUSINESS NAME, we can help you do that. If you need help in registering Your Business Name, contact us with the details below or drop your comment on the comment box below.

You can Click Here to learn more on the registration of Business Name.

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