9 Dec 2017


If we should ask now, who has done his/her physical verification, i know a lot of comment will begin to pop in but don't worry, the date given to us hasn't expired yet. We still have five days (5) left from the date they gave us. The exercise was scheduled to hold from 4th to 14th of December, 2017. And from this date, you will see that we still have 5 days remaining.

I know that many have started losing hope already but don't worry it is not over yet.

They delayed the physical verification because of some important issues which is over  now. So by Monday been 11th December, 2017, everybody are expected to report to their various Local Government Area for the Physical Verification.

Apart from the documents we listed in our last post that will be required during the physical verification,  Read Our Last Post Here, there is an important one that is needed though they didn't include it before but it is very important you come with it. The document is that Printout you printed after your registration that bears a code like N-Teach-2017-00000123456789-12 for N- Teach, N-Teach-2017-00000123456789-12 for N-Task-2017  (please this is just for you to understand what we meant, don't use it). Please it is very important you come along with this document because you may not be allowed to do the physical verification if you are not with it.

Below is the complete sample of the document.

Other documents that is also very important are:
  • Your Qualification (BSC, HND, OND, NCE) including your NYSC discharge certificate for BSC and HND holders.
  • Proof of Residence (Utility bill or NEPA bill)
  • Age Declaration (Court Affidavit)
  • Two Passport Photograph
  • ID Card (National ID, Permanent Voter's Card, International ID Card, Driver's License)
  • Local Government Identification from your local Government of Origin
  • And the Document listed Above (The printout)
The above mentioned documents are the very important documents you need to come along with on Monday 11th December, 2017.

Important Tip: Also come along with any other document you may have or think that it is important in case if the need arise, especially those that will be traveling from far place.

Hope this article is helpful? Don't forget to drop your comment in the comment box below for more assistance. Also share the post to help others. 

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