14 Apr 2013


An external hard drive is the same with the internal hard drive. An external hard drive can be used to store digital images, large music files, large documents and other personal files that may take up too much space on your computer's original manufactured hard drive. An external hard drive is portable. Thus, you could take a drive with you and share your data with other computers.

Be aware of the amount of space you will need before purchasing an external hard drive. A good way to do this is by projecting the amount of files you'll need to store. If you're unsure of the amount of space your files will take up, ask the sales professional to advise you on the amount of gigabytes you may need.

Also consider the particular type of the hard drive you will because we have two types of hard drive; SATA and IDE hard drive.
  1. If your external hard drive doesn't draw power from the computer but from an external source, connect the external hard drive power cable to an electrical outlet.  
  2. Connect the external hard drive to your computer with the appropriate cable. Your computer will identify the new hard drive and assign it aletter, e.g (F:) 
  3. Test your new external hard drive by creating a document and saving it to your new drive. Then open the document. If the document opens, your new hard drive is properly running. If the document doesn't open, refer to your external hard drive's instruction manual for further assistance. 
  4. Begin transferring files from your original hard drive to your external hard drive.
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