14 Apr 2013


Installing programs on an external drive is very straightforward. 

An external hard drive can store all of your large, valuable files that are taking up precious space on your internal hard drive. External hard drives can be easily moved between different computers, making your data portable. Should anything happen to your internal hard drive, an external drive can provide necessary backup and offer you peace of mind that your data is safe. 


  1. Connect your external hard drive to your computer with its included cable (usually a USB cable). Make sure it is powered by an electrical source. 
  2. Run the hardware setup wizard that automatically pops up when connecting new hardware. This will take you through a quick installation of the hard drive. Don't bother registering it at this moment. 
  3. Open "My Computer" from the desktop. Click the new icon for the external hard drive. Create a test folder by right clicking inside the window and choosing "New." Select "Folder" and name it accordingly. 
  4. Click and drag a setup file from a location on your internal hard drive to any location on your external drive. A setup file is an EXE file, usually labeled "Setup," included when you download a new program. Run the setup file and go through the on-screen prompts until the program is installed. If you are installing a program from a disk, simply point the install directory to the external hard drive when given the opportunity during the installation process.
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