9 Feb 2018


YouWin! Connect has successfully released the list of the successful participants who has progressed to the next phase of the programme, which is Master Class Training.

The successful participants who progressed to the next phase of the programme should receive a notification message (sms) and email informing them of their success in the previous phase and inviting them to the next phase of the programme.

The mail should appear thus: 


"Congratulations! You have been selected as one of the top performers from the YouWiN! Connect Online Capacity Building.

As a qualifier from the first stage, you will be required to attend the in-class sector-specific training which has been designed to enhance your business and personal skills. This second phase of the YouWiN! Connect Capacity Building is scheduled to take place in 25 locations across the 6 geo-political zones.

As part of activities leading up to the training, you are required to fill the survey (see link below) to enable us assign you a training location closest to your current State (place) of residence.


The deadline for this survey is Wednesday February 14, 2018.

Further details about the In-class training including the date will be communicated via Email and SMS.

Thank you.

YouWiN! Connect Team." 

If you received the above mail and sms with similar content, congratulation you have been selected to participate in the next phase of the YouWin! connect programme.

But for those who have received a mail with opposite content, you did well but just that you didn't make it to the next phase of the programme.

The successful participant are grouped in three categories: 
  1. State Merit Winners (i.e the best in each state). 
  2. Regional Merit Winners (i.e the best in the six regions in Nigeria). 
  3. National Merit Winners (i.e the best in Nigeria). 
To every successful participant, you are meant to take a survey where you will be required to fill and submit some of your information which includes: 
  • Your application ID (In this format: 2017/EE/YWC/0000000000) 
  • Your Last Name (Surname) 
  • Your First Name 
  • Your Middle Name 
  • Your Email Address 
  • Your Phone Number 
  • Gender 
  • Your Business Sector 
  • Your current state of residence 
  • And to confirm your attendance for the face-to-face training 
This survey are meant to be done on or before 14th, February, 2018.

Tip: if you are not able to get your Application ID, refer to the message sent to you last year (2017) March/April when you registered on the platform.

To check and download the full name of all the successful participants, click: Successful Participants of theOnline Capacity Building Training - 2017 
The next phase of the programme is Master Class Training which is in-class training (physical training). And this is scheduled to take place in 25 locations across the 6 geo-political zones. 

Other information or updates regarding to the master class training will be communicated to you later.

Congrats! Once more. 

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