20 Oct 2017


Merchant Acceptance Requirements:

Before you begin development/integration, please endeavour to review the merchant acceptance requirements described below as some of the required features in your application are mentioned here.

1.  You must have the Interswitch logo on your site to differentiate our payment services from other ones you might have

2.  The customer must be aware of the total amount he/she will be debited of before loading the payment page. Always inform the customer duly

3.  Are customers on your website registered? If not, then you need to communicate their transaction reference numbers to them before they make payment so that they will have a reference value in case they have issues with their transactions. The recommended ways of communicating these details are Email, SMS or Display it boldly on the website and ask them to take note of it.

4.  Confirm that the amount displayed on the payment page is the same amount that was displayed to the customer before redirecting to the payment page. Customer Id and Customer Name should be passed to prevent the payment page from loading with “Anonymous”

5.  After a transaction had been processed, certain information needs to be displayed to the customer. They include the following:
  • The transaction status in a very friendly way. For example, rather than just have “Insufficient Funds” as a response, you should have something like “Your transaction was not successful. Reason: Insufficient Funds”. This is more descriptive.
  • The transaction reference number which you sent to WebPAY for that transaction.
  • The payment reference which is generated and returned by WebPAY.
6.  There are various response codes that can be returned by WebPAY along with their different descriptions. The objective here is to ensure that the customer gets the same description as sent by WebPAY. The website should NEVER customize WebPAY responses displayed to the customer.

7.  After a transaction has been completed successfully, you should send a mail containing the transaction details to the customer.

8.  You must have a table that logs ALL transaction attempts on your website (both Sucessfull and Failed) as this would enable you update transactions with responses received and ensure you can track pending transactions as well as provide customer service to your customers. Find below our recommendations on the fields that must be captured to provide optimum support:
  • Transaction Date and Time
  • Transaction Reference Number
  • Approved Amount
  • Response Description
  • Response Code
  • Transaction amount (what is to be approved. This could be optional)
  • Customer name and ID (Optional)
9.  For transactions that were described in step 8 as pending, it is recommended that you have a feature that allow you to re-query the status of pending transactions. See how to re-query transactionresponse 

After you have successfully integrated WebPAY to your website, you should run through the test cases in the DIY document, complete the check-list and send to PaymentProductIntegration@InterswitchGroup.com. The goal of this exercise is assist you to verify that all test cases are working before requesting for User Acceptance Test (UAT).

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