18 Oct 2017


Hello! In case you did not know, Quickteller offers receipt of Western Union Money Transfers from your loved ones and associates “in the abroad.”
As long as you have a GTBank, StanbicIBTC, Wema or Skye Bank account, you can have the funds transferred into your accounts in Naira equivalent* (pls see below).

How it works:
  1. Log on to Quickteller.com
  2. Click the on the Send and Receive Money tile
  3. Click the Western Union tile
  4. Select your bank, either GTBank, StanbicIBTC or Wema bank
  5. Under “Choose currency” select “Naira”
  6. Click “Receive money now” and the Western Union – Receive Money data page opens
  7. Now carefully enter the following details:
  8. The MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) as provided by the sender
  9. Sender’s Country
  10. Receiving account number i.e. your bank account number where you wish to receive the funds
  11. Receiving account type i.e. either current or savings
  12. Expected Amount in Naira as provided by the sender
  13. Under Receiving Currency leave the name of the bank and Naira as default.
  14. First Name (Receiving Account) which is your account first name as it appears at your bank
  15. Surname (Receiving Account) which is your account surname as it appears at your bank
  16. Mobile Number – your mobile number
  17. Answer to test question as provided by the sender
  18. Click “Continue”
  19. Confirm the details provided
When you click “Confirm” Quickteller verifies with the bank and with Western Union to verify the details provided. Once confirmed, your account is credited with the transferred sum.

Please ensure that the details provided by the sender match those you provide so as to avoid errors and an unsuccessful transaction.)

It really is that simple!

*As directed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in a recent circular, all receipts of proceeds of International Inward Money Transfers (e.g. Western Union) shall henceforth be paid in Naira only.

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