21 Feb 2016


Windows Media Player can't play the file.

Things to try:
  • Use Windows Update, or go to the sound device manufacturer's website to see if an updated driver is available.
  • Use Device Manager to check the status of your sound device.
      To check the status of your sound device
      1. Search your PC for Device Manager, and then open it.

      2. Expand Sound, video and game controllers, and then   
          look for the name of your sound device.

      3. Do one of the following:

         i.  If your sound device is listed but the icon includes a  
             red "X," the device has been turned off. To turn it on, 
             right-click the icon, and then click Enable.

         ii. If your sound device isn't listed, expand Other devices 
             or System devices and, if Multimedia Audio Controller  
             appears in the list, right-click the icon, and then click 
             Update Driver Software. Follow the on-screen   
             instructions to search for and install the driver    

         iii. If you aren't able to locate and install the correct 
             driver software, go to your computer manufacturer's  
             or sound device manufacturer's website for further  

  • If you don't have a sound device installed on your computer, install a sound device, and then try to play the file again. For details, go to your computer manufacturer's or sound device manufacturer's website.
  • If you're trying to play a file on the Internet, try again later. The server might be temporarily unavailable or there might be a network problem.

  • If you're trying to play an MP3 file that contains compressed ID3 headers, make a copy of the file, and then use a non-Microsoft ID3 tag-editing program to remove or reset the file's ID3 headers.

  • The ID3 header is a portion of the file that stores the song's album information (for example, the song name, artist name, album name, and genre). This information is sometimes called a tag. After you remove the ID3 headers, Windows Media Player should be able to play the MP3 file.
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Trying to remove ID3 headers might damage the file and make it unplayable. Therefore, always make a copy of the file before you edit it.

If this solution doesn't resolve the problem, the file might be damaged.

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