15 Jun 2015


Quickteller offers a lot of online processing services that tends to make payment of cash go into extinction as fast as it could. The good news is that you can also use their service to pay for your dstv subscription within seconds and it's fast, secure and reliable all from the comfort of wherever you are. 

In order to use the Quickteller service, you need:

1. Your Verve card or MasterCard    

2. Mobile phones or PC connected to the internet

3. Or the Quickteller option on your nearest ATM

Making payments using the Quickteller ATM payment option can be done by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Insert your ATM card into the ATM machine and wait till the below screen appears.
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Step 2: After selecting "Quickteller" from the menu, the screen below will appear. Select "Pay Bill" from the options available.
Step 3: After selecting pay bill, the below screen will appear, select the account from which you would like to make payment.
Step 4: Select the "Service Provider" of the service you want to pay for as it is on the screen below, but if the service provider is not listed, then you select "Others" from the options available.

Step 5: Enter the "Payment Code" which the service provider will give you (request from your service provider if you don't have) then select "Proceed", example is given on the image below.

Step 6: Enter your "Phone number " as customer reference number and select "Proceed" as shown below.
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Step 7: Acknowledge Payment of N100 Compulsory Fee will be charged you by Quickteller. Select "YES" from the options to complete your transaction.

After selecting yes, wait a little for the success screen to come out, and when it finally come out, it will display "Your transaction is Successful" which shows that the transaction you made went through or "Your transaction is Unsuccessful" which shows that the transaction you made did not go through. A similar language may be use either than Successful or Unsuccessful.

Step 8: Take your "ATM Card".

You are done.

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