4 Dec 2017


The long awaited YouWin Connect Login Details has been finally released. 

YouWin Connect has started releasing the login details of the 2017 online course which is slated to kick off  on Tuesday 5th December, 2017.

For those that are yet to receive their login details, do not panic because they are sending it sequentially. Some participant received theirs on Sunday night while some received theirs on Monday morning. Many will still receive theirs before Monday runs out.

You required to login to your online course dashboard with the details sent to you. The main details been sent is your Username which is your Email Address and Your Password which you are advised to change once you have login. 

The Online Course has six (6) courses available which you are expected to finish one after the other to stand the chance of advancing to the next stage of the program.

The six (6) courses are:
  1. Marketing Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. General and Operations Management
  5. Personal Productivity
  6. Business Plan
Note: This course must be studied one after the other, i.e you must finish the first course before moving the next course. 

This is as it was sent from YouWin Connect:

Hi (applicant)!

Your Learning Management System Account has been created. Login details are provided below:
Username: (applicant's email address)

Password: xxxxxx

You should save the details above and/or keep them handy for future logins.

Click the button below to continue.

Login to LMS


If you have subscribed (or have been automatically subscribed by your Mobile Network) to the DND (Do-Not-Disburb), you may not recieve SMS messages from the YouWiN! Connect Portal.  
To ensure delivery of our SMS Notifications, please follow the steps below: MTN: Text ALLOW to 2442 Etisalat: Text START to 2442 Glo: Text ALLOW to 2442 Airtel: Text OUT to 2442

Once you login, you will be expected to review your business information by simply entering your business name and location.

This is the Review of the Course Contents and Requirements:

You are welcome to start any of the 6 courses available in this stage. When you have completed all the courses in this Online stage, your performance will be subjected to an automatic selection process.

The Courses are: 


You have the chance to score a total of 600 points after signing up for the 6 Courses with a maximum of 100 points in each course as follows:

Attendance: 15 points

Completing the Course Activity: 15 points

Doing Your End-Of-Module Assignment: 70 points

Total: 100 points

Once you Sign up for any of the Online Modules, make sure you complete all the Activities contained in that module before signing up for another module

Only those that complete the Six Modules stand the chance to advance to the next face of the YouWin Connect Program

A total of 5000 participants will be selected to advance to the next stage as follows:
  1. National Winners:  If you are among the top 800 across Nigeria.
  2. Regional Winners:  If you are among the top 700 in each of the Six Geo-political zones in Nigeria.

Learning duration:

Started: Sunday December 3rd, 2017
Ending: Tuesday January 2nd, 2018

Good luck as you aim to be among the top 5000 SMEs.
Congratulations and all the best.

What other type of review about the YouWin Connect Program will you like us to make available on this platform? 
Feel free to let us know in the comment section.
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