14 Dec 2017


So far so far good, I believed that by now everybody might have gotten to an extent in their online course, even if you haven't finish your first course (Marking management) in the program, you might have reached to a reasonable extent in the first course.

For those that did theirs by themselves will bear me witness that it cost them some amount of money to buy the data they used in studying the online course. There is no good network in Nigeria now that their 1GB will be less than N1,000. And believe me or not, studying the first course which is Marketing Management will not cost you anything less than 1GB. I meant "Less than", it might cost you more than that.

But don't worry, am here to tell or explain to you how you can download the videos with less than 1MB and watch the video offline without spending even 1Bit on it. Many have tried downloading the videos but could not. Some have approached me for help which i did offer them, then I decided to post it on our official blog to help others who cannot be able to approach me.

Downloading the videos is very very simple, even simpler than A B C D. Follow the steps below to download the online course videos.

Steps in downloading the Youwin! Connect Online Course Videos
  • Go to the online course video you want to download
  • Right Click on the video
  • Select "Save Video As..." from menu box that will appear
  • Choose the destination where you want to save the video
  • Rename the video if you want
  • Click on "Save"
  • Enjoy
Note: Please these steps works very well with Windows 8. If you try it in other operating system such as Windows 7 or XP and it didn't work, just login in a system that has Windows 8 and download the videos and then copy it to your system and start studying. 

Tip: After watching the videos offline, login to your dashboard and answer the activities question and submit.

Hope this article is helpful? Don't forget to drop your comment in the comment box below for more assistance. Also share the post to help others. 

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